Sunday, January 6, 2013

Water and Onions

My kids are sick. I mean like, runny nose, red eyes, not sleeping through the night, fever-ridden sick. I feel like Florence Nightingale, without the gracefulness. I'm always taking care of sick people. Husband, children, even the dog on a very rare occasion. I'm so tired of sick. Now that hubby is home with the boys while I'm at work (that's right ladies, I's gots me a house wife!) and we are back to cruddy insurance, in an effort to combat the ever mounting medical bills, I'm diligently seeking new ways to help the boys in my house over come the constant ailments that seem to stalk them. In addition, I have been thinking of doing a cleanse or 2 of my own, to help jump start me on my journey to a better me. It's been a pretty lazy weekend, although I did some light cleaning here and there, I haven't really cooked a regular meal. Let me just say, I love to cook. But I hate cooking for just myself. With the various health issues my Boo has had over the last few years, I've just gotten out of the habit of planning and preparing regular meals because no one was able to eat it but me. Boring. It's really awful when I think about it. I need to revamp our entire mealtime routine. Half the time Wrigley doesn't even want to eat and he's SO thin, if all I can get him to eat is chips and applesauce, well at least he is eating right? Anyway, I'm getting off track here. We as a family are trying to be healthier in general and I have my work cut out for me to prepare regular meals that don't end up as leftovers that I am eating alone for lunch and dinner 3 days after, while the boys eat cereal and toast. Maybe I want some cereal. Maybe I want some toast. I just don't want to waste food. Okay, okay....really getting off track here.

The point of tonight's post is not about meals. It's about Water and Onions. Come again? you may ask. Well yes, water and onions. I've been doing some research online about various cleanses, or types of fruit, veggies, juice blends, etc. that can help you cleanse the toxins from your body. The first thing I heard about from T, and then later did some follow up research of my own, is the onions are actually very common in pulling out the toxins from your body or from the air. One site talked about how simply peeling and putting a cut onion in a room can pull the germs from the air. The method that intrigued me is putting onions on the bottom of your feet, then put socks on your feet. Do this when you go to bed and the end result should be...well I don't know. A discoloration of the onion showing that toxins have been pulled from the body, thus you now have a poisonous onion inside your sock. LOL. Hey, I am thinking outside the box here. And it's inexpensive and if it works, well it's worth a try. So tonight my husband is sleeping with onions in his socks. And so am I.

The other thing I read about is how drinking hot water can stimulate your lymphatic system, open up the lymph nodes and help flush the toxins out of your body. Specifically hot water that has been boiled. Apparently boiling the water first gets it to a pure H2O state, and is more compatible to your internal body fluids. Please take all of this with a grain of salt, I'm paraphrasing and I'm tired. Holy cow, I just noticed it's 9:21. Better hurry up here. (Yes, I know, I sound old. But I feel old.) Anyway, I probably won't have time to boil water before I leave for work in the very early, cold morning. But there is a water dispenser at work that has cold and hot water. So I'm taking my thermos and for the next 3 days / nights I will be drinking nothing but hot water and wearing onions to bed. I'm really curious to see what the result is. If it can help honey as well, I'll do it! We have been getting more into the essential oils and I love what they are doing for my boys. So, here's to the Hippies!

One final thought I wanted to share.... A comment left by one of my readers (it feels weird to say that "One of my readers" but it's true), a reader and a friend, got me to thinking about teaching exercise again. I mean, I'm no longer a certified licensed trainer, and it has been awhile since I was fully immersed in the world of Exercise Science, but it is in fact just a science. 90% of exercise is Bio-mechanics. You will get the most out of your exercise if your body is in the right position, and you allow physics to do it's job. So, starting on Saturday January 19th, every Saturday morning I will be alternating and teaching a Pilates and Kickboxing / Circuit Training class at the church by my house for all in my neighborhood that are interested. I'm really excited about this. It's going to really push me to stay disciplined with my own goals, plus I really do enjoy teaching people about exercise. I'd forgotten just how much until T and I started working out during lunch at work and I was able to teach her some of the things that I know. I've got 2 weeks to gear up mentally and physically for this. I'm sure it will be a little rocky in the beginning, so bear with me if you attend, but I promise in the end it will be worth it and you'll have no regrets, as neither will I.

Thanks everyone for your support. Already I have felt so much encouragement and excitement about this. It really does make a difference to me. Love to all. - Cams


  1. I wish I lived close enough to attend your class. I miss having you in the next room. Those were good times.

    If you live in the area and are on the fence about having Cami lead you in exercise, get off the fence and in to her class. She's fantastic!

  2. Thanks Jess!!!! We will definitely workout again someday. :)

  3. I really wish that I could come to your class too, dear! Oh and... HELLO! It's been a LONG time. But I miss you and I can just hear and feel your energy and awesomeness through your writing. I miss your high energy and your humor! Those were just a few shorts months in New Haven, but the people I met there are just dears and never to be forgotten.

    That said, I can't come to your class because I'm in DC, but, BUT, can you email me with your address/email so that I can send my mom to your class if she's close enough??? Puh-lease! She'll love you and I know she needs/wants a class at a church right now. natalie[dot]tolley[at]gmail.

    Please! You're awesome!

  4. I'm excited that you will be teaching a class! That is awesome. So, I have similar cooking issues as you. I am giving a shot. I have only been doing it for a week so I will have to get back to you on if its worth it or not :) I am anxious to hear if the onions work. I am all about natural remedies. I love checking in on your journey...keep the updates comming! :)

    1. Thanks Carly! Well the onion thing didn't really do much. I guess I was expecting the onions to be brown or something. They were just kind of limp. But my feet were really soft and I was smelling onions all day long. LOL! I did read about a cleanse for your skin, it's basically a bath soak. I'll email it to you. The first 20 mins pulls the toxins out of your skin, the last 20 mins restores minerals. I want to try it. Finding 40 mins of uninterrupted time is the challenge! If you want to come to any of my classes, once you get settled with your new addition, let me know! I'd love to have you there. :)