Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Monday Morning Weigh-in

Yesterday was definitely a Manic Monday! I tried all day to get this post done. My boys are crazy hyper and unruly right now. I can't imagine what life will be like when they actually become "boys"!! Anyway, I weighed in yesterday morning before I ate anything. I am not even down a full pound, but almost. Weighed in at 214.4. Hey, it's something and honestly, I feel like my clothes are fitting better. I'm sure I have lost some inches, so that is progress. I'm excited for my workout today and I can tell my stomach is shrinking from eating less at each meal and not eating sugar. I really need to cut back the carbs. Last year, before the holidays started, I did the 4 hour body diet for about 3 weeks. Yes, I Peter'd out after 3 weeks. It was hard! Not really hard to follow the diet, but let me tell you. After being at work for 9 hours, it is exhausting cooking a meal for your family and then spending an additional 20 minutes to doctor up my portion so it fits within the diet. That just doesn't work for me. But the concept behind it is pretty cool and I think there's alot of truth to it. Look it up if you're interested; I'm not going to get into the details and philosophy behind the diet. So, aside from the department breakfast that's being catered at work this morning (you know I'm totally going to stuff my face!) I am going to focus on less carbs this week, in addition to no sugar, and see where it gets me.

Get out there people and start moving!!

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