Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday Morning Weigh-In

It is Thursday, right? Meh. I'm typing this on my phone and it looks huge.  Hopefully that's not how it will really look when it's published.

Weigh-in was not pretty but it had to be done.  It's not even worth a drum roll.

225 & 44% body fat,  according to my scale. Time to hit the cardio, for real!!

Next weigh-in is next Tuesday.  Wish me luck! I definitely need it!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Let's Do this Beeyotches!

It is now September 4th and I forgot to weigh-in for September. I will weigh-in tomorrow, pinkie swear, and tomorrow will post my updated weight. For those that are on My Fitness Pal (MFP), please follow me! I'm Shimmy33. I need support and for anyone that is struggling with their own weight loss goals, so do you! I have used MFP in the past and had lots of success. The Fitness Challenge I'm doing with family & friends is going well. I can tell I feel better from not eating so much sugar but it's time to step up the cardio and cut back on the carbs and fruit. I eat way too much fruit. Back to the basics, people. That's what it is all about. Plenty of sleep, well balanced meals, water, water, water and EXERCISE! So, no more being lazy or complacent about life. I will be 35 on my next birthday. I need to make my health and weightloss goals a reality. NOW is the time. And what better time then right before the holidays start. We are entering the hardest time of year as far as weightloss goes. The holidays are rough and the cold weather doesn't make it any easier. Food is comfort. BUT....we CAN do this! Who will join me??

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

For Realsies

Sister and I started up a new Fitness Challenge (FC); this is the 2nd week. So far it's going well. This time Keith is doing it with me and he is working it like a Rock Star! This gives me tremendous motivation. And as men are able to drop weight so much faster then women, after only 1 week I can already see a difference in him. I'm proud he is working so hard and it makes me want to work even harder.

Starting September 1st, I will be posting monthly photos with weigh-ins so you can all help me track my progress. I have a better game plan this time around and knowing that it's not me alone at home trying to better myself, well that definitely makes it easier. The FC we are doing goes for 13 weeks, which puts us ending right before Thanksgiving. What a great way to head into the holidays. I think when this is over, I will do another one, to keep my momentum going and help me reach my long term goals.

My goal for this year is to lose 30 lbs by 12/31/13. I have a lot of work to do, but I know I can do it. Next year I want to lose the remaining 50. Sadly I will be starting over a little heavier then I was. I've managed to gain more weight (meh) since coming back from my trip to California, in JUNE! Yikes. But that's ok. I'll pick myself up and start again. Some struggles are life long and I'm sure once I get to where I want to be, it won't be a cake walk to maintain. I will have to make a conscious effort until I have redefined my lifestyle. It. Is. Totally. Worth it.

Thanks for being patient with me as I have slacked off on the blogging. Mommy world is hard; working full time, starting a new business, taking care of all my boys at home. Life is crazy but I wouldn't have it any other way.

See ya Monday!!

p.s. Look at what I stumbled across.  I was 25 in this picture; so thin & young! I'll be using this as my motivation!!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Fish Out of Water? Not This GIRL!!!

Hi Cyberfriends! I am really consistent about being inconsistent. Holy March?! That was a long time ago. It's nearly the end of summer and what have I been doing? A lot of stuff! Too many things to recap right now. We did manage to finally take a family vacation. Shock. I know. We went to California and Disneyland and it was awesome! I will get some pictures loaded up this weekend. Let's talk about the here and now. Sister and I are working on starting up a new fitness challenge. Hooray because I have not fallen but plummetted off the wagon. Oh my. Before Cali I was doing so well and my clothes were even feeling looser. Now I have not only gained back that weight but then some. GRRRR. Why is this so hard?! I don't know. It just is. Sugar is in my blood. BUT...I'm really excited for this new fitness challenge. It will help me get ready for the dreaded holidays, only dreaded because there's so many wonderful things to bake and I love to bake. As part of my fitness challenge, I'm very excited to be back to lap swimming. It is AMAZING!! I can't tell you enough how awesome swimming is; it is my favorite form of exercise, along with Pilates. And as much as I love Pilates, I love swimming even more! I just need to master the weakness I have for eating and not just sweets but the role they play in my emotions. Too many sleepless nights render a big, fat Coke sitting on my work desk the next morning. Bad habits, so hard to break. Really they aren't; it's just so easy to revert back to them. Why, when one tiny little mishap pushes me out of my normal routine do I go running for comfort to the sweet nectar or chewy Nib? I don't know. If I did, I wouldn't be severly overweight. Meh. Keith and I are making a goal to lose 30 lbs by the end of this year. That will leave me to finish off the rest next year and I KNOW I can do this. I just need some motivation and something to keep me accountable. I need to tell myself I'm worth the effort to change. Isn't that really what it is all about? Not how much I love food, but to change, really change, for the better. Whatever it is I am holding onto, I need to let go. So, I begin my journey again. Time to dust off the film of deniability that is my blog. I Can do this. I WILL do this. There are exactly 145 more days in this year, starting tomorrow. That is just under 5 lbs a month. The Fitness Challenge starts on Monday, August 19th. This is SO doable. Follow my progress on here and help me stay motivated. In turn, I will try and motivate you towards your own personal goals as well!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Poopity - Poop; that's my Blog

My blog sucks. It really does. Why do I have such a hard time being consistent with things like this? The last 2 months, roughly, have been really busy. I finally got a new laptop but I can’t seem to find the time to even mess around on it. My house is a total disaster and I am scrambling always to find the time to get one organized thought produced into a reality. I have every good intention to blog but I’m just too tired by the end of the day.

I got a new job; well basically it’s the same job, working in a different group in my department. I will be doing a lot of new things but the same things too. It’s confusing, but I’m excited. And will probably be really busy.

I feel like I’m still doing ok on my weight loss goals. I won the family fitness challenge. Hooray for me!! Since then, I’ve been eating way too much sugar. I hate that I revert back to my old ways. On the up side, I am making better food choices, maybe not all the time, but I do recognize that I need to pick and choose and I’m doing better with that. And I’m still doing better on my exercising than I was at the beginning so I feel like I gained a lot from the fitness challenge. Time to get back to the nitty gritty of it all and be more dedicated. Tomorrow I will be better than I was today.

So friends, readers, I apologize for my lack of attention here. Right now, all I want to do is take a nap. I promise to rededicate myself to at least writing once a week and about something interesting. This was a pretty pathetic post if I say so myself.

Thanks for not giving up on me. :)

Monday, February 25, 2013


Life has been crazy the last few weeks. My laptop is fried; I can’t get it to turn on other than to say that it didn’t shut down properly and then it’s a vicious cycle from there. It’s at least 4 years old, add a toddler pounding on it all the time on top of age, it’s on its last leg. My Kindle doesn’t let me bring up the keyboard when I try to type a post in Blogger so I’ve just been up a creek. I’m not about to attempt updating you, other than to say I had a fabulous 34th birthday and I think I’ve purchased at least 12 new pairs of shoes this month, all with the exception of like 2, are heels. Yes, I’m feeling pretty great about life these days. It’s nice not feeling like a frump all the time.

Saturday afternoon I was looking in my closet for an empty notebook for Keith to use and I came across a fun little piece of my past. I thought I would share some of it here for some refreshing giggles and hopefully I can get back to my regular posting. This will likely be more hilarious to me than to you.

First thing I noticed in the notebook was a list of Characteristics I need in a Husband. I won’t share them all but one made me laugh particularly hard and I wanted to share. For those that know me well, this will ring true.

“Laid back / easy going – can handle my obnoxious intensity.” LOL. Nuff said.

The first part of the notebook was a gratitude journal I started in February 2000. I wrote 10 things each day I was grateful for. It was fun to read through some of these and I got a few good laughs too. Below are some of the entries. 

My Gratitude Journal (from the year 2000)
I’m grateful for Books and knowledge.
I'm grateful for privacy.
I love food and I love to eat.
I'm grateful for legs that I can walk freely
Cereal is delicious.
Free cable is great too.
Without toothpaste or a brush I wouldn't have any teeth because they'd all be rotten.
I'm glad the sun is shining. It is beautiful today.
I'm grateful that there are so many good looking guys around. I love boys!!
Telephones are nice so I can talk to my family when I never get to see them.
I'm grateful for lotion to keep my skin from cracking in this weather.
I'm grateful for leap year so I have an extra day to find $ for my rent.
I'm glad I started this so when I'm unhappy it forces me to find things to be grateful for.
Electricity is a wonderful modern convenience. I wouldn't want to live without it.
Same with plumbing. I love indoor toilets.
I'm finally done with my physical therapy. My should, neck and back feel great. I'm so thankful to all those who have helped me to get better.
I'm grateful to be home alone once in awhile. It is quiet & peaceful & nice.
Today Aunt Do called me to see if I was ok. I'm so grateful that they love and support me even when I don't write for a long time.
I'm grateful for free food!
I'm so thankful for an internal clock that wakes me when I sleep through my alarm, otherwise I'd still be in bed.
I love playing night games.
It's nice that they deliver pizza to your door so you don't have to go out in the snow.
My dad is awesome for bringing me new blades for my windshield wipers.
I'm grateful that I have parents who are in tune with the spirit and know when I'm having a hard time. Especially when I am too proud to call and ask for help.

I only did this for about 8 days. Maybe I should start again. :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Morning Weigh-In

This is going to be short and sweet, because I'm tired and have a headache. This morning I weighed in at 208.2 lbs. WAHOO!! I'm so proud of myself! I am pretty sure I overdid it at dinner tonight. Back on the elliptical tomorrow morning.

Last week was busy with training meetings Tues - Thurs and then I've been off work since Friday. Friday was my birthday; it's been nice being home with the boys. Still can't believe I'm 34 but feeling good about it. I have been busy at home trying to clean and reorganize pretty much all of the rooms in my house. It's been a chore and a project, to say the least, but I'm making good progress and by the end of the month I'll be ready for a nice long and relaxing weekend.

So I apologize for not writing much but after tomorrow, I should get back to a regular schedule. :)

Adios for now.