Monday, January 7, 2013


Today T and I worked out during lunch. It was good and challenging. I've been thinking a lot about the exercises and routines I'll start my classes with in the next couple of weeks. I'm getting really excited to teach again. I wish my body was up to speed with my brain. I can see what I want to do and I feel like I can do it, because I have done it in the past. But most of the time, it doesn't happen the way it should. Baby steps.

I decided to watch the Biggest Loser this year. I have never watched it before, but heard great things about it. So far I have watched 1 1/2 episodes and it is really inspiring. Inspiration can be the key to reaching any goal. The more I prepare for Pilates on the 19th, the more excited I am to share what I know and hopefully inspire others. At the very least, we can all have fun together, because at the end of the day, I know that I will be getting the most out of this whole experience.

Once I get into a good routine, then I tackle the meal plans. Usually I do ok at work. If I prepare my lunch and snacks the night before, easy peasy. It's when I get home, tired, hungry, and immediately bombarded for attention by everyone, including Mojo, that I just want to sit and graze and not be disciplined. Losing weight, well not even just that, but being a healthy person, is a 3 pronged system. You really do need to exercise with cardio and resistance training, as well as eat right. It goes even further, by how much water you drink, how much sleep you get, how busy you are, etc. Our bodies are good at holding in stress. Stress we cause for ourselves, stress caused from external factors we can't control; physical, mental and emotional stress. When I'm rich I am getting a massage once a week. They are heavenly. And good for you. Why is being healthy so expensive?! LOL! Seriously though, massages are a great way to release stress and push the toxins out. SO, make sure your significant other gives you plenty of body massages. It really does make a difference.

Now back to my spiel. Find something or someone that inspires you. Keep that person in your life daily, whether it's someone you live with, or just someone you speak with for a quick moment on the phone or via email. Give yourself little reminders each day about what's most important and why you are doing whatever it is that you are trying to achieve. Set intermediate goals. It's so easy to get caught up in the daunting end result; it seems so far away and so impossible. I feel that all the time. It's easy to say, oh it doesn't matter. I will never be able to change. But change is all about attitude and desire. You can do anything you put your mind to. I can do anything I put my mind to. The older I get, the challenges that I am faced with, each one helps me to realize how much I really am capable of handling. This particular goal of mine, it's been a road block that I've faced for many years and at different moments of my life have been harder to deal with. I want to change who I am right now, get back to the person I know I have been and can be for the rest of my life. My 6th wedding anniversary is coming up on April 14th. That's about 13 weeks away. I am setting a goal that by my anniversary, I will be below the 200 mark. This is going to be challenging and really push me. I feel like the beginning is the hardest but also a time to see the most results and the crucial period where it's make it or break it. I choose to make it.