Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Slow Blink

I have been dragging ALL. WEEK. LONG. It’s only Wednesday. I mean…Wednesday? Really? Come on. I think it’s in part from the very busy weekend, late nights, and huge consumptions of food (thank you Super Bowl). Monday and Tuesday were late nights. Why I do this to myself, I’ll never know. Didn’t I just post a mantra on the benefits of sleep to your health? I need to read that post again.

Last night I was ubber lazy. My Boo got me a Valentine’s Day ice cream treat and I totally indulged and it was delicious. I felt pretty gross afterwards because that’s the most sugar I’ve eaten in about a month. But it was nice. The kids were in bed early and we got to snuggle on the couch and watch TV. Those days are few and far between at my house. Anyway, I was feeling guilty about it last night but this morning I didn’t feel bogged down like I would have expected from a late night treat. I think my metabolism is adjusting to the exercise and better food choices I’ve been making. And really, we shouldn’t feel guilty for indulging once in a while. I mean, we’ve got to live right?! Who wants a life full of uptight “me’s” and ornery “I’s”? Not this girl! So today….back on that horse. In retrospect, it’s kind of nice knowing that my treat for the week is out of the way, rather than leaving it for the weekend which is usually when I’m the weakest.

We got an elliptical. I absolutely love it. A friend came over and put it together for us lickety split and I loved that even more. It’s soooo nice. I love having something at home I can just hop on and workout. And it’s a great quality machine. I’ve worked with a few in my day. For what we paid, well I wouldn’t have expected it to be so nice. We got a great deal, so I’m pleased. Monday night, 9:30 I jumped on and holy crap it was like trying to run in quicksand! Ok maybe just sand, but I was struggling. It’s been awhile since I’ve been on an elliptical. I’m sure my muscles just need to adjust to the new kind of movement. I was really surprised though. I’ve been exercising regularly now for about 5 weeks. I thought it would be easier. I’m sure lack of sleep played a part as well. I’m excited to get moving on it again, and to see how quickly I can improve with it. I really need to work on not using it as a crutch to not workout during the day, when I’m able to. Nights are hard. I am usually totally beat and worn out come 9pm. I don’t really want to start doing my workouts then. However, sometimes it’s the only time. I will say this, I felt so much better come Tuesday morning than I did on Monday. I was soooo tired on Monday, dragging like a piece of toilet paper stuck to a shoe. And although I still stayed up late on Monday night, I really didn’t feel as sleepy.  Tired yes, but I could keep my eyes open most of the day. Score one for me. Tuesday I had a great hour long walk during lunch, which helped since my plan to use the elliptical failed with my totally worth it night of self-indulgence. Tonight, back on the machine (after another hour long walk) and as hard as it is and as much as I might want to give up, I won’t. I will push myself to go a little bit longer and work a little bit harder because in the end, that is what I really want. THAT is what I really need.

With any goal in life you are bound to have set backs. However, setbacks can be a good thing. They help us to realize we do want to keep moving forward. Setbacks help us realize what we really want in life and just how hard we are willing to work. Set a goal for tomorrow. It doesn’t have to be big. Focus on that goal and if you don’t reach it, don’t beat yourself up. Set the same goal for Friday. Keep doing that and eventually you will reach that goal. It’s a great feeling to accomplish something challenging, especially when there’s an inner struggle to give up. Don’t Give Up! You can do anything you put your mind to. You just have to keep reminding yourself of what you really want and reset the clock.

I love the quote from Anne of Green Gables where’s she’s talking to Miss Stacy.

“Tomorrow is another day, with no mistakes in it.”

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